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My name is Eliseo Hernández, graphic, web and UX designer, and I’m an absolute enthusiast of both design and technology. I certainly believe that each brand has a thousand stories to tell; stories which engage, surprise and delight target audiences at the same it helps in achieving measurable business objectives. As a designer, I stand as the link between the brand and the end-consumer, always trying to awake in the user a positive emotion and transform their interaction with the product or service into an unprecedented and rewarding user experience.

To produce stunning visual designs and experiences which add value to the user, I like to work following a design thinking approach which keeps the user in the centre of the process and focusses on problems from a user-centric point of view. I am attracted to being part of a good team, surrounded by other designers, developers, marketing specialists, etc, although I also have experience in dealing with projects individually. As designers, it is sometimes essential to work closely with clients in order to unfold a clear business vision, aided by tools such as the Lean UX canvas. We must not only conceive the role of the designer as merely crafting aesthetic and functional designs, but also first getting involved in the problem space in order to clearly define the problem to be solved before tackling it (defining the user statement).

My beginnings as a UX / UI designer dates back to 2011, participating in the design of accessible software for SINPROMI, where it was crucial to develop a user-friendly platform with the main purpose in helping the disabled with their physical rehabilitation and cognitive training while interacting through the Kinect movement tracking device. The development of Adapro was another notable project: a free word-processor orientated towards people with learning difficulties which provides them with an adaptable, seamless and configurable interface. During this stage of my career working at ITER, I was also fortunate enough to have the opportunity in being involved designing several Android and iOS mobile apps such as Fade: Fall Detector, an application integrating a mathematical algorithm and capable of detecting any user falls events to, consequently, notify any pre-assigned contact of the emergency along with the users’ location.

Perhaps one of my greatest achievements took place during 2017, when I had the privilege to redesign the Ruohonjuuri online store, a chain of organic supermarkets located in the Nordic countries. The store revamp translated into a surge in its overall net sales, rising 28% from 19,6 M€ in 2016 to reach a staggering 25 M€ in 2018.

What I do

Web design
UI/UX design
Editorial design

“I strive for two things in design: simplicity and clarity. Great design is born of those two things”.
Lindon Leader

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