advanced therapeutics

ADVANT (Advanced Therapeutics) is a platform aimed at supporting physical rehabilitation and cognitive training through exercises that involve movement by the user using Microsoft’s Kinect device. Thanks to the camera, ADVANT enables the user to interact without the need of establishing physical contact with traditional control systems.

ADVANT also incorporates an intuitive exercise editor which allowing the user to run these exercises in the platform. This editor can create unrestricted, physical and cognitive exercises.

Target audience

ADVANT was born due to the need of designing a physical rehabilitation application for hospitalised children in the Canary Islands in collaboration with SINPROMI. The platform heavily contributes to their wellbeing with the aid of engaging exercises where they must touch the different targets that appear throughout the screen using various parts of their body.

Single player or multiplayer

With the aim of ensuring more entertaining rehabilitation sessions, ADVANT offers two basic modes to play: single or multiplayer. Equally, the multiplayer mode allows two players to play simultaneously in a collaborative, competitive or sequential manner.

User and exercise management

The ADVANT management panel allows to easily register new users, create user groups and assign exercises configured in the editor to these users or groups. The exercises will allow users to sort, classify, match or touch goals which randomly appear on the screen.

Game statistics analysis

Once a player has finalised an exercise, they will be stored so statistical analysis can be retrieved, verify if they were successfully completed and evaluate the users’ progress. Everything under a simple and intuitive interface which includes shadows to ensure that different elements have major dynamism and visual weight.

ADVANTED: Advant Editor

The strength of ADVANT relies on its exercise design module. This designer, which is distributed with the main ADVANT application, allows to quickly create tailored exercises which fits the needs of the user, both from a cognitive and motor perspective. This enables in creating educational, recreational and rehabilitation exercises, or a mixture of them.

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