Pantalla de inicio de ADVANT y cámara Kinect


advanced therapeutics

ADVANT (Advanced Therapeutics) is a platform aimed at supporting physical rehabilitation and cognitive traning through exercises that involve movement by the user using Microsoft’s Kinect device. Thanks to the Kinect camera, ADVANT enables the user to interact without the need of establishing physical contact with traditional control systems.

ADVANT also incorporates an intuitive exercise editor, known as ADVANTED (ADVANT Editor) allowing the user to run these exercises in the platform. This editor can create unrestricted, physical and cognitive exercises.

The user interface’s minimalist design is evidente due to its well-organized structure and simplicity along with the heavy use of flat design. The main elements include flat 3D shadows to provide them with dynamic and visual weight on the screen.

Pantallas de selección de juego y de selección de jugador de ADVANT
Pantalla de carga y pantalla de administración de usuarios de ADVANT
Pantalla de lista de ejercicios asignados y pantalla de juego de ADVANT
Pantallas de administración de usuarios, grupos y ejercicios y pantalla de resultados de ADVANT
Editor de ejercicios de ADVANT, ADVANTED (Advanced Therapeutics Editor)

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