gear for board lovers

Boardstock is a webshop which concentrates on selling equipment and accesories for all kind of boardsports.

The Boardstock colour palette consists of five hues and it’s corresponding shades and tints.

A primary colour palette which comprises of blue violet and russian black colours. The Boardstock logo and main brand elements use this primary palette.

The secondary palette, consisting of supernova yellow, radical red and blue is used for Boardstock’s specific branding elements. An example are elements used throughout Boardstock’s UIs and the different selling channels.

The Boardstock brand consists of four main selling channels: longboarding, skateboarding, snowboarding and surfing. Each channel has it’s unique target audience along with it’s distinctive colour.

The skateboarding target audience is primarily 15 year-old males. This is a sport which is associated with adrenaline and being more aggresive than it’s variant (longboarding). The skateboard curves upwards in both ends so it’s easier to perform tricks. Colour: radical red, a colour that reflects energy, passion and fearlessness.

Longboard has a much older crowd, mostly males under 30. The board is larger and wheels are softer and bigger. This makes it easier to practise due to a better balance and it’s wheel makes the board reach much higher speeds than with skateboarding, making it a better choice to travel longer distances. Colour: supernova yellow, a colour associated with confidence and challenge.

The surfing target audience is older, standing at an average 34 year-old males. An older audience normally means higher education and income. Colour: blue violet, a colour which is a synonym of prestigious, imaginative and sophistication.

The last selling channel is snowboard and it’s target audience characteristics are extremely similar to the average surfer except, of course, they love a good adventure in chilly mountains. Colour: blue, a cold hue.

The Boardstock website was designed with big visuals, following a “mobile-first” approach. This is why the site’s navigation is mobile-friendly and is flooded with oversized elements.

This is a unique website which will require a more modern browser to work!

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