Modo nocturno

Modo nocturno

let's start counting sheeps!

Modo nocturno (Night mode) is a mobile app which allows the user to check the time without the need of turning on the mobile phone screen. The phone’s loudspeaker will dictate the current time in the desired language by gently tapping or moving the device on the night table.

If the user wants to check the current time without using the loudspeaker, Modo nocturno will automatically dim the screen’s brightness reducing the strain that bright light can cause on the eyes. The app’s clock is displayed even when the phone is locked.

Modo nocturno presents the user with an extremely organized and intuitive interface. The design doesn’t cause any strain to the eyes as most users check Modo nocturno during night time. This is the reason why Modo nocturno doesn’t contain any saturated hues in its colour palette and allows the user to switch between the classic or high-contrast interface by activating the dark mode. Screen elements are big sized and the white tones make the interface pleasant to the eyes.

Downloadable scenes

Modo nocturno offers in-app downloadable content. These themes consists of about five images which will show up in the phone’s locked screen. Each  scene encompasses a common subject such as the beach, jungle, architectural viewpoints or city locations. Furthermore, each image will allow the user to activate / deactivate six sounds related to the theme. Everything the user needs to set a peaceful atmosphere helping him to fall asleep.

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