Safeguarding well-being with fall detection for seniors and active individuals.

Project overview A guardian of well-being

Step into the realm of Fade, a vigilant guardian dedicated to your safety and well-being. Leveraging a proprietary mathematical algorithm, Fade swiftly detects falls and notifies your emergency contacts, offering reassurance in moments of uncertainty.





01/ The challenge

Fade originated from a vision to harness smartphone sensors for societal impact, unveiling a surprising scarcity of reliable fall detection apps despite the abundance of available sensors. Existing algorithms are limited, triggering only in response to specific types of falls, highlighting a critical gap in the landscape.

02/ The solution

Commitment to seamless integration

Fade was born from a dual commitment: safeguarding user safety while seamlessly integrating into everyday life. This vision fueled the formulation of core principles guiding Fade’s mission to transcend mere functionality. Its goal was to seamlessly meld into users’ daily routines, offering safety without disrupting the natural flow of life. This philosophy formed the bedrock of Fade’s design, shaping its evolution into a trusted companion users can depend on in times of necessity.

Pioneering non-intrusiveness

Fade embodies a companion so seamless and discreet that it monitors potential falls without encroaching on daily life—an unobtrusive guardian offering assurance without disrupting routines. This principle of non-intrusiveness serves as the cornerstone of Fade’s design, ensuring that safety remains paramount without imposing on independence. Whether users are going about daily chores or enjoying a leisurely stroll, Fade remains vigilant, yet discreet, always ready to spring into action when needed.

Transparent algorithm operation

Fade aspires to be more than a background app. It provides users with clarity about its activity—a silent protector, quietly ensuring safety. Transparency is key in building trust, allowing users to rest assured knowing that every detection is handled with precision and care. By shedding light on its operations, Fade aims to foster a sense of confidence and security, empowering users to live their lives to the fullest without fear.

Immediate communication in crisis

Designed with a clear alarm screen—a beacon of reassurance that commands attention—Fade envisions the ability to promptly notify emergency contacts, seamlessly bridging the gap between technology and human connection. In moments of crisis, every second counts, and Fade is equipped to deliver swift alerts, ensuring that help is always within reach. By prioritizing immediate communication, Fade reinforces its role as a reliable ally, ready to spring into action at a moment’s notice.

Adapted sensitivity for varied activities

Recognizing the diverse nature of daily routines, Fade navigates the intricacies of falls, distinguishing between different types. It adapts sensitivity levels, responding to a gentle stumble during a leisurely walk or a more forceful impact during intense activities. This adaptive sensitivity ensures that Fade remains attuned to users’ needs, providing tailored protection that evolves with them as they navigate through life’s ups and downs.

Journey to excellence: a stringent testing odyssey

Embarking on the pursuit of excellence, Fade underwent an exacting testing journey to hone its capabilities. Simulating real falls, a task requiring the precision of professionals like Kung Fu Master Saha C. Afonso, played a pivotal role. The algorithm’s triumph hinged on its ability to discern nuances across various activities, from a relaxed stroll to the swifter pace of a motorcycle ride. Each test represented a significant step forward, moving closer to a solution that guarantees real-time security without compromise.

It’s noteworthy that this testing wasn’t conducted with real users; instead, it was meticulously orchestrated by professionals like Master Afonso to ensure precision and reliability.

03/ Wrap-up and results

In the vigilant symphony of well-being, Fade stands as a guardian, transforming moments of uncertainty into a reassurance of safety. More than a fall detection app, it is a dedicated companion deeply rooted in the principles of non-intrusiveness, transparency, immediate communication, and adapted sensitivity. Fade seamlessly integrates into your daily life, providing a silent, watchful presence that ensures your safety without disrupting your routine.

Swift alerts and communication with emergency contacts demonstrated through successful simulations

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